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Apple iOS10, the details you don't know about
- May 17, 2018 -

Apple iOS10 may not be a particularly big update, but Apple actually added or changed many small details. Never think that the new version of the system is only a major improvement in iMessage, as well as changes in several aspects such as apple maps, photos, News and the redesign of Apple Music.

Today, foreign media iPhoneHacks introduces us to those changes that may be overlooked in the iOS 10 system. Before we can push the new system, we can get to know it first.

In the iOS 10 system, we can finally hide the prepackaged applications that are basically not used, as long as they are deleted on the icon by "X" that can be clicked on the top left corner, but several applications such as health, News, and Wallet are still unable to hide and delete. In addition, we can also download the pre installed application deleted in App Store.

The control center looks a little different from before. In addition to the change in design style, we can also access other interfaces directly from here and support 3D Touch, which greatly improves the convenience of iOS. If you have HomeKit devices, you can control them even if you do not unlock the iPhone. We can check all the HomeKit devices in the control center.

In addition, iOS 10 has also made some changes in visual effects, such as animation of opening and closing applications, and viewing views of folders. When the screen is locked, a small lock icon will also be displayed in the status bar.

For 16GB iPhone users, the optimization of iOS 10 for music storage is a good news. We can limit the storage space occupied by music applications, thereby maximally saving storage space.

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