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Apple's new patent released, iPhone can also be waterproof with data cable
- Jun 22, 2018 -

Many mobile phones now have a waterproof function. Most of them are used rubber gaskets or seals and the like. However, such a design can only guarantee the waterproof effect when the data interface is not used. Once our data interface is in use, all the waterproof functions are invalid. To further complement the waterproof features of the iPhone, Apple developed a new sealing technology - a deformable sealed connector.

Recently, a patent filed by Apple was published, entitled "Electronic Equipment Sealing Accessories." Apple put forward three solutions, one is to add a rubber ring at the end of the data interface, and then when the interface is inserted, it can form a tight combination with the fuselage to play a role in waterproofing.

The second is to set up a raised deformable material on the Lightning metal fitting. When the joint is inserted into the interface, the material can wedge into the opening to completely block the gap; the third is the use of a tapered joint. Thin, slightly thick end, can play a certain sealing effect after fully inserted.

Apple said that they even considered a vacuum-waterproof solution, pumping away air, creating a vacuum, and connecting the connectors more closely. When not in use, there will be a mechanism to allow air to enter and then the connector can be easily removed.

In fact, Apple has been trying to waterproof patents. In the past few years, we have seen many examples. For example, Apple also proposed that a self-healing material can be used to cover the interface. After the connector passes through the sealing film, it reaches the contact point. After separation, The cover material is restored to its sealed state. There is also a speaker waterproof patent, through a "mesh umbrella structure", the audio vibration can transfer liquid from the audio channel.

Of course, these patents will not necessarily fall on the ground in the end, but Apple still emphasizes in the patent that it wants to find a way to make the interface and connector work properly in wet, dirty environments. This also affects their service life. There are benefits.

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