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Cheaper refurbished iPhone Vs Andriod Phone
- Oct 11, 2018 -

Most smartphone buyers tend to stick to platforms they are familiar with. However, new data from Merrill Lynch shows that a large percentage of Android users plan to switch to the iPhone the next time they buy a phone. Analyst Horace Dediu posted a chart on Twitter that was compiled by Merrill Lynch Global Research, which included 32,523 smartphone users, including Apple, Blackberry, Google, and HTC. , Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Motorola, Oppo, Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi and ZTE.

For each manufacturer, the user's favorite next phone is another one made by the same manufacturer. In iPhone users, this number is 70%. For Samsung and Huawei users, 53% and 54% of users plan to continue using the same brand. The percentage of users who plan to continue using Google is 42%, while other brand users are less loyal. At least 10% of Android phone users are willing to buy a cheap refurbished iphone.

Among the top five Android brands in the world, 15% to 25% said they plan to buy an iPhone next. 25% of HTC users said they plan to buy an iPhone. In contrast, the percentage of users who continue to purchase HTC phones is 34%. Only 1% of iPhone users expressed interest in purchasing HTC phones.

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This asymmetrical brand intent is also reflected in other mobile phones. 19% of Samsung users said they plan to buy an iPhone, but only 4% of iPhone users are watching Samsung. The most popular alternative brand for iPhone users is Huawei, but the ratio will only be 5%. At the same time, 15% of Huawei users said their next phone is an iPhone. Other Chinese Android brands, including Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi and Lenovo's Motorola, have gained one to two percentage points of interest among iPhone users, and in turn, the proportion of plans to switch to the iPhone is 20%.Samsung refurbished smart phones, such as refurbished S8, refurbished S7 Edge is also the main product that other Android phone users want to buy.

These data are significantly different from the data released by Ericsson in 2015. After studying the actual activation of the new mobile phone every month, Ericsson concluded that most smartphone users are still loyal to their operating systems, especially users of high-end models are more likely to be in the same vendor than users of low-end models. Select a new model in the same series. The company pointed out at the time that about 80% of Android and iOS users were loyal to their operating systems.

If today's data is accurate, it means that the smartphone market has undergone a fundamental change, and Android users' brand loyalty has begun to decline. In Ericsson’s report three years ago, Windows Phone users’ brand loyalty has been as low as 20%, and now it’s Android.

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