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How does the Apple phone change with the old change?
- May 17, 2018 -

Since the Apple Corp has launched a "reusing and recycling program" in the mainland of China, apple handset users can participate in the iPhone for new new activities in the domestic Apple store. In the apple store, there will be a special staff member to evaluate the price of the old apple mobile phone. By testing whether the mobile phone is the goods, whether the appearance is damaged, whether the flash can work properly, the power, key, and the internal function of the mobile phone are good, the user input the serial number of the apple cell phone to the old change. In the official website page, you can view the recovery price of the Apple phone which the official gives.

Apple officially launched its iPhone campaign in the mainland, and has been constantly exposed to fruit powder because of its low recycling price. From the current recycling number of Apple mobile phones and the official recovery price, the relatively intact iPhone6 average price is around 2000 yuan, iPhone5S recovery is about 1500 yuan, iPhone5 is around 900 yuan, iPhone4S is around 500 yuan, iPhone4 is least, only 200 yuan. The same model of Apple's old machine has a lot more price to evaluate on the third party mobile phone recycling platform.

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