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How refurbished iPhone packed
- Jul 26, 2018 -

The refurbished iPhone is mainly to replace the LCD, battery, mobile phone back cover, accessories and packaging parts are also OEM. Of course, many suppliers in the refurbished mobile phone market usually use low-cost mobile phones, or repaired motherboards, or inferior LCDs to reduce costs in order to attract customers at low prices. Now we will show you the packaging link. In cooperation with iusedphone.com, we will inform our partners of the most authentic refurbishment and look forward to working with you for a long time.


Take the iPhone 5s as an example (the same for all mobile phones), refurbished the iPhone for the shell, the screen and then enter the packaging.


After 31 tests, we will film and then pack refurbished iPhone. Of course, our partners can choose iPhone with accessories and sealed box or just the iPhone.


We choose the accessories provided by the trusted iphone accessory supplier, and select the corresponding accessory specifications for the partners according to the standards of different countries. After that, we will use the matching box for the final packaging. On the back of the box, we will also attach the IMEI corresponding to the original iPhone.


The final step in the packaging process is plastic packaging. This step is very simple to ensure that the partner is the same as the new mobile phone when getting the refurbished mobile phone, but we will ask the partner to inform the refurbished mobile phone terminal customer when selling the mobile phone. This is second hand. Iphone is a mobile phone that has been re-sold after being replaced and repaired.


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