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How the refurbished iPhone be made in China
- Aug 01, 2018 -

After all the accessories in the main unit have been removed, they should be reloaded into the new rear case in the reverse order. First, install the volume cable, start the cable and the tail plug. Pay attention to the tail plug part at the bottom of the machine. If it is refurbished and sold, because the headphone jack and charging hole are usually dirty, it may be replaced with a fake tail plug. This is because it is refurbished for a friend, so this part does not need to be replaced of. In addition, the factory production line of the iPhone has strict quality inspection, but there is no refurbishment, so it is normal for the cable to be slightly tilted,Will not affect normal use.



Install the speaker, motherboard and GPS signal enhancement module, buckle the cable socket, install the camera and shield, and screw the screws in reverse order.



The battery socket is fastened and the vibrator is installed, and the refurbishment process of the main unit is completed. Installation is more complicated than disassembling, and it usually takes about 40 minutes.


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