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How the refurbished iPhone comes in China
- Jul 27, 2018 -

On the eve of the new generation, it is often the hottest time of the previous generation of iPhone, and now iusedphone introduces the secrets of the refurbished iPhone industry.


The current situation of this mobile phone is that the screen of this mobile phone is bruised. There are obvious marks of falling and bumping in the three corners of the four corners, but the function is normal and does not affect the normal use. This is also the source of the refurbished mobile phone that iusedphone.com generally chooses, and the quality is guaranteed. Generally speaking, it is impossible to sell it directly, and it must be refurbished before it can be sold.


The key to refurbish the iPhone is to prepare an OEM screen or an original iPhone LCD, and an OEM casing. The back of the back shell is still blank at this time, and there is no information on the phone.


Apple phones are not difficult to remove, generally only need 3 screwdrivers and a pair of tweezers. First remove the screen

Then remove the vibrator and pull off the telescopic strip to remove the battery.




The next step is to remove the rear camera, then the GPS and Wi-Fi signal enhancement module, and then the motherboard can be removed. The motherboard is extremely precise and is the most expensive part of the entire phone. The quality of the refurbished iPhone mainly comes from the quality of the motherboard. If the motherboard has been repaired, or the water is in, the quality of the refurbished iPhone will be very poor.


After the motherboard is removed, it is the speaker (responsible for external sound), tail plug (responsible for headphone jack output, audio input and charging function), and then remove the vibration + volume cable (vibration switch and volume addition and subtraction) attached to the motherboard. And the boot cable (light screen and switch machine), the whole process is normal to do about 20 minutes.

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