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How to distinguish the mobile phone from the high imitation machine, the new machine and the refurbishing machine.
- May 17, 2018 -

High imitation is easier to distinguish because the high imitation or high imitation system will be different if you know the mobile phone at ordinary times, you can distinguish the retread machine is more troublesome, according to *#92702689# check the accumulative time of the system call, even if the phone call time is zero, this will not change. . Other methods (online copy) refurbishment of mobile phones, in fact, is to collect the original core, shell or outer packaging for maintenance or processing, and then sold as a new machine.  There are many kinds of it, the main thing is:

1. the old machine with defective circuit boards is repackaged after maintenance or parts assembly. The machine has the most unstable performance.

2. the shell of the normal old machine will be sold as new after being processed or replaced.

3., after the software is refreshed and repackaged by the informal channel machines, the stability of the general software of such machines is deficient when the new ones are sold.

These refurbishing machines have a common feature, that is, they can not enjoy after-sale service just like regular licensed goods.

Below is how to identify the experience of refurbishing mobile phones. Let's take a look.

Look at the serial number (IMEI)

The serial number of mobile phone is like the ID card of mobile phone. The IMEI number of each machine is unique. Generally speaking, it can be used to judge whether a machine is genuine.

The method is as follows: in mobile phone standby state, enter 06, the serial numbers displayed on the mobile phone are its main board serial number, and record it down.

Take the battery from the machine and see the serial number on the white label on the two tags behind the fuselage, that is, the serial number of the case, and the other label is generally the network license.

Whether it is consistent with the previous figures; then look at the IMEI number on the box of the machine, and compare the three to see if it is all the same.

If the motherboard serial number and the chassis serial number do not match, then this machine is likely to be repaired or assembled.

If the three serial numbers are consistent, plus a net license, it can basically prove that the machine is a true product, but it can not be one hundred percent affirmative, because the present JS can make a fake,

The main board serial number can be written with computer and software, the false serial number label and the net license are more than a few dollars can be bought, for prudence, the following methods should continue to verify.

Look at the outer packing and instructions of the machine

The packaging and instructions of the regular new machines are exquisitely printed, mostly printed with copperplate. The font and image are very clear and hierarchical, and the counterfeit boxes are often imitated by simple single side paper.

Typefaces and images are very rough, printing is blurred, and many irregular channels are even copied. There are also some refurbishing machines, though they are made of original authentic boxes and manuals.

But after all, the machine is old, and its packaging box must wear out. There must be some traces used in the instructions. If you pay more attention to it, you will find it.

Look at the net permit

Actually, there are watermark on the network license. The surface color is uneven, deep and shallow, coarse and thin, but fake is mostly duplicating, and the surface color has not changed.

If you can't see it, you can also use the money detector to take a license to enter the network. In fact, there will be a red "CMII" pattern in it. And the fake pattern is blurred.

The real net card is usually printed with a needle printer. The number is clear and the dent in the needle is carefully watched. The fake net license is printed by a common printer, and the number is not very clear.

There is no dent. Generally speaking, the admission license is relatively hard to counterfeit. After all, the equipment needed for fraud is relatively high in terms of cost. In addition, Internet queries can be used to check the authenticity of the network licenses.

It will not be explained in detail here.

Look at the shell of the mobile phone

When a new machine is opened, it is obvious that the key parts of the "key parts" of the machine are covered with sticker protection, such as the inside screen, the outer screen, the camera head, and so on.

Fingerprints will be left. When you see the fingerprints on the new machine, let JS explain how you should not listen. In addition, dust and use traces are also unavoidable for refurbishing machines.

The gap between the upper and lower shells of the machine, the gap around the keyboard, and the charger slot are easy to "hide the dirt".

Pay special attention to it, too.

The shell of the refurbishment machine is usually used to imitate the original, or the old shell is carefully processed, so the two parts of the shell are easily closed and the seam is very large.

The identification method is to use fingernails to try to insert the joints on the top and bottom of the mobile phone. If you can insert them, you can assemble the shells. For no replacement shell machine,

Before the sale of JS, a spray of mist, like a cleaning agent, is used. The surface of the old shell immediately appears a kind of grinding effect like a new machine. If you don't look carefully, it will be confused by the JS.

But it will not take long, the spray paint will fall, when the purchase must carefully watch the shell, because the JS process is good, and the equipment of the original plant is not advanced.

If you look carefully, you can see that a small particle is dust, because it is not done in the vacuum room when painting.

If it is a cover machine, you can also check the combination of the cover, because in some cases, even if JS handles the machine's surface well, these places will inevitably leave some trace of dust.

In addition, check whether the fuselage screws are new, and whether there are any traces of screwdrivers moving. It's more important to note that many new mobile phones have one share.

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