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How to recognize refurbished iPhone from new iPhone
- Sep 03, 2018 -

iusedphone teaches you 5 tricks, so you can easily identify the refurbished iphone and the new iphone. For the refurbished iPhone that we sell, we will ask our partners to tell the end consumer honestly that this is a refurbished iPhone instead of a new iPhone.

1、Look at the meticulousness and cleanliness of the screen of the entire mobile phone. For example, if the appearance of the mobile phone is scratched, whether the main screen line is clean and tidy, and whether the function buttons on the outside are loose or not. If all of the above are mentioned, it is basically judged to be a refurbished machine.

refurbished iPhone test 1.jpg

2、Try to drop a drop of water on the phone screen to see if it will spread out. The materials used in the production of Apple mobile phones are special special materials. Generally, if you drip on it, the shape of a water droplet will not be scattered. This is also a special case of Apple's mobile phone. If it is special, it can be judged as a refurbished machine.

3、See if the main screen after booting is bright. After the Apple phone is turned on, the entire screen will display a clear and vivid screen whether it is in a sunny place or in a dark place. If it is ambiguous or the color is distorted, it can be judged as a refurbished machine.

refurbished iPhone charger.jpg

4、Look at the charger connector. Because the charger of the Apple mobile phone is specially configured, it is also unique. If the size of the joint is not the same, the roughness is not smooth, the work is not delicate and delicate, then it is definitely not the original joint. Basically, it can be judged as a refurbished machine.

refurbished iPhone LCD.jpg

5、Every original Apple iphone is not activated. If you buy it, you need to activate it yourself. If you have activated it, it has been activated or activated for a long time. Then there may be a refurbished iphone.

The price of an Apple mobile phone is not cheap. Don't try to take advantage of the small benefits of one or two hundred yuan. In the current rise of online shopping, although some network platforms have good reputation, it is recommended that friends should identify them before buying mobile phones. 

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