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IOS 12 support refurbished iPhone
- Sep 20, 2018 -

At the Apple Gather Round launch on the morning of September 13, Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 4 and three new iPhones, and released the GM version of the iOS 12 system after the conference. Today, Apple has finally released the official version of iOS 12.

iOS 12 is a major upgrade to the iOS operating system that introduces screen usage time, notification grouping, local multi-person sharing AR experience, new Animoji, and a Memoji feature, etc., designed to let you create a look and you The same personalized Animoji. All devices running iOS 11 can be upgraded to iOS 12, and Apple is optimized for the performance of older devices. This will greatly improve the sales of refurbished iphone, because usually, refurbished iphone is mainly refurbished iphone 6, refurbished iphone 6 plus, refurbished iphone 6s, refurbished iphone 6s plus, including the highest sales, best value for money refurbished iphone 7.

Currently, iPhone users can upgrade to the official version of iOS 12 in Settings - General - Software Update. According to Apple, the mobile operating system has been carefully designed to improve the system's new capabilities, making the daily tasks on the iPhone faster and more responsive, and the performance of multitasking has improved significantly. Iusedphone guarantees that our refurbished mobile phones are original iphones, can clearly query the corresponding IMEI, and fully support IOS upgrade, consistent with the original iPhone performance.

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