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iPhone with refurbished LCD
- Sep 24, 2018 -

The upcoming iPhone XR screen has the same pixel density as the iPhone 4 and is 326ppi. According to Apple, the iPhone XR is equipped with a Liquid Retina HD display with a pixel density of 326ppi. In fact, in the refurbished mobile phone industry, the mobile phone screen is the most critical link. So apple has its own considerations for screen selection.

First, since the iPhone 4, each non-Plus model has a screen pixel density of 326ppi, including every generation of iPhone 5 to iPhone 8. Iusedphone believes that Apple deliberately made the resolution worse on the iPhone XR, in order to avoid eroding the sales of its high-end OLED models. This argument may be justified, but for most end users, the difference in pixel density is not the focus of their concern. At the same time, the competitiveness of the refurbished iphone has been greatly improved, such as refurbished iphone 7, refurbished iphone8.

 refurbished iPhone customized.jpg

So, is pixel density important in the everyday use of the iPhone? At normal viewing distances, it is difficult to notice the difference in pixel density between the two devices. In other words, higher pixel densities do not have a significant positive impact on the viewing experience of the smartphone screen.


There are also a lot of refurbished Android phones on the market, and Apple hopes that iPhone XR will be competitive in the mid-market. But foreign media TechRadar once said that although many Android phones also have high-resolution displays, this means higher costs and higher power consumption. Therefore, the second point to note is that the lower pixel density of the iPhone XR means it will have better battery life.


In general, the iPhone XR has a display that should be equipped with a mid-range iPhone. It is the best successor to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, and most users will not notice the difference in pixel density. Of course, part of the iPhone XR's competitiveness comes from its price. Considering the operating system, hardware and features of this model, Android phones will usher in a strong rival. Refurbished Samsung phones will also encounter more powerful opponents.

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