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LCD replace in refurbished iPhone
- Aug 04, 2018 -

The next step is to replace the LCD screen and take a photo of two different quality LCDs




After the screen is removed, the receiver is responsible for the sound output when the phone is called. The cable is responsible for connecting the handset and the motherboard. There is also a sensor on the cable to sense the light. The home+fingerprint unlock button is responsible for returning to the main page and fingerprint sensing. The large iron sheet is a shield that serves to shield the static electricity and isolate the heat generated by the motherboard battery, and also gives the screen a certain degree of reinforcement. The black cable is the fingerprint cable, connecting the home button and the motherboard.


This new screen front is like this, at this time there is no front camera + sensor + home button installed.



Because the screen is easier to disassemble than the motherboard, there is no more picture. After the installation, the back is like this. It takes about 25 minutes before and after.


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