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LCD Types in refurbished iPhone Market Second
- Jul 17, 2018 -

OEM LCD (Jingdong, Tianma, Longteng, AUO.....)

The domestic screen uses OGS technology, which means that the LCD and the touch are not integrated. They are separate. The technology of integrating intelling and displaying with Apple is different. OGS means that the LCDs produced by these domestic manufacturers are only The display part does not contain touch. The touch TP is produced by a third-party factory and then attached together. The simple understanding is that the display is separated from the touch. The overall screen is slightly thicker than the apple, but it is not carefully compared. It can't be seen, because the production shows are big domestic manufacturers, and the display effect can be indistinguishable from the display of Apple's factory, but the disadvantage of such screens is that these big manufacturers only supply the display. Glass, there is no display line on the glass, so the display cable is also produced by the third party. The problem that is easy to occur is the cable problem. However, if it is purchased repeatedly, it will be tested for about half a month. If there is no problem, the chances of using it in the future will be very low. Most refurbished iphone supplier  China now use OEM LCD..

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