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New battery for refurbished iPhone
- Jul 10, 2018 -

Recently, more and more iPhone users posted complaints in Apple's technical support forum, complaining that the battery life has been greatly reduced after updating iOS 11.4. More than 33 pages on the Apple website have complained about iOS 11.4 battery life. Users generally report that the battery consumption level of iOS 11.4 is too high.


The main problem with iOS 11.4 seems to be the power consumption during standby, and users report that their iPhones consume a lot of power even if they are not used frequently. One user explained that this was the day they updated to iOS 11.4.


Interestingly, another user said that the battery in the setup shows that the personal hotspot consumes 50% of the power, and he has never actually opened a personal hotspot.


"When I look at my battery performance, it shows that the personal hotspot on my phone is being used, but I never opened it. I have to charge the iPhone every 2-3 hours now."


"After updating to iOS 11.4, my iPhone 6s has the same problem. I charged it to 100%, restarted it and let it stand for 4 hours, the battery indicator dropped to 40%. Since I updated to iOS 11.4 After three days, this problem is happening every day."


The refurbished iPhone batteries are all replaced with new ones, which guarantees the user experience and longer standby time than the used iphone.

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