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Original Logic board and sparepart iPhone
- Nov 07, 2018 -

The refurbished iPhone 8 Plus A1897 model is based on the Intel modem solution, and the Intel next-generation baseband module (modem) is seen during the teardown: PMB9948. A closer look reveals that there is an X2748 B11 logo on it, so it is entirely confirmed that this is Intel's XMM7480 modem, Intel's fourth-generation LTE modem.

original baseband from iPhone 8

The transceiver is the latest PMB5757 from Intel Trx. TechInsights said the lab did not take a deeper image and waited for more details. However, the RF front end looks a lot like the iPhone 7 series, the envelope tracking model is Qorvo 81004, the high frequency PAMiD module is Broadcom 8066LC005, the high frequency PAMiD is Broadcom 8056LE003, and the low frequency PAMiD is Qorvo 76041.

Original RF Receiver from refurbished iPhone 8 Plus

In the iPhone 8 Plus, we found the NXP NFC module from NXP. This chip has the word "80V18", which is different from the "PN67V" previously found in the iPhone 7 Plus.

Original NFC controller from refurbished iPhone 8

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