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Refurbished iPhone 7 Plus Test Report
- Aug 13, 2018 -

The refurbished iPhone 7plus comes in five colors: gold, silver, rose gold, matte black, and jet black. Among them, the piano black is the easiest to distinguish between the 7 and the price that was once fired for more than 10,000. The rickets are easy to touch fingerprints, and some users find the phenomenon of falling paint. Today we are going to evaluate the popularity of Apple in the past two years: gold / local gold, this color once represented Apple's new products. First of all, from the outer packaging, we can see the product style of Apple, still familiar with the convex appearance show,refurbished iPhone 7 Plus package.JPEG

After opening the lifting package, the internal accessories are refurbished 7plus main unit, manual warranty card, EarPods earphone, Lightning to USB head, and USB power adapter Lightning to 3.5mm headphone. Unlocked iPhone 7plus from iusedphone does not support fast charging, which is a pity. I hope that the next generation of Apple products can support fast charging. After all, fast charging technology is almost universal.

refurbished iPhone 7 Plus accessories.JPEG

The refurbished iPhone 7 Plus canceled the original 3.5mm interface and replaced it with the lightning interface. The gifted earphone interface is also customized, which leads to the uniqueness of this headset. If you leave the apple, it will lose its meaning.But be noted that iusedphone can offer OEM accessories  or original accessories.Please let us know what you want before place order.

refurbished iPhone 7 Plus all.JPEG

refurbished iPhone 7 Plus lightning plug.JPEG

Compared with the previous generation iphone 6splus, refurbished iPhone 7 Plus has not changed much. I will compare the real machine later. Judging from the products of Apple's recent generations, it is difficult to tell from the front whether this mobile phone is an iPhone. This kind of release only makes small changes, and sooner or later it will make some fruit powders feel bored. But for this mature mobile phone appearance, no one can take too much risk to make drastic changes.

refurbished iPhone 7 Plus out looking.JPEG

refurbished iPhone 7 Plus out looking 2.JPEG

The iPhone 7 plus measures 158.2X77.9X7.3mm and the phone weighs 188g. Equipped with a 5.5-inch, 1920x1080 pixel screen, the screen has 3D Touch capabilities. The sleek aerospace aluminum frame and screen fit very tightly and the overall integrity is very good.

refurbished iPhone 7 Plus front camera.JPEG

The top of the phone is equipped with a 7 megapixel camera placed on the left side of the handset. Although the pixel is only 7 million, the iPhone's photo will never need to be worried, because they are really good enough.All the parts in our refurbished mobile phones is original.The LCD can be customized as OEM or Original.

refurbished iPhone 7 Plus home button.JPEG

The bottom is still a round Home button, but unlike the previous generations, the previous mechanical feedback design was removed and changed to an integrated one. With a pressure sensor and vibration feedback, it solves the problem that the Home button has been easily damaged for a long time. However, when you set the vibration feedback position is high, you will feel the trembling from the iPhone body.

refurbished iPhone 7 Plus home button 2.JPEG

Look at the back, at first glance you will find eye-catching dual camera design. 12 million pixels is already a high configuration for Apple, and the advantage of dual camera is that it can capture the zoom more clearly. But unfortunately, Apple still uses a raised design. Before this, Xiaobian once spit out, the raised camera is easy to scratch, and needs to be protected. In addition, the iPhone 7 plus differs from previous generations in that the antenna's white strips are gone, changing to the top and bottom edges of the phone, which makes the back of the phone look more neat.

refurbished iPhone 7 Plus back cover.JPEG

refurbished iPhone 7 Plus rear camera.JPEG

The bottom is designed to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack, and the Lightning interface brings a revolution to the headset. The speaker uses a dual speaker with symmetrical design on both sides of Lightning, which can give you a different sound experience.

refurbished iPhone 7 Plus down side look.JPEG

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