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Refurbished iPhone 8 dismantling
- Nov 04, 2018 -

Many suppliers in the refurbished mobile phone industry, especially those who focus on the refurbished iPhone, will know the configuration and disassembly of the internal components of the Apple mobile phone. But for refurbished iPhone resellers, they may not be so familiar. In order to make our iusedphone dealers more confident with all the products we offer, we will focus on the professionalism and quality of iusedphone in the following articles. Always looking for a professional mobile phone seller, welcome everyone to become our business partner.

 refurbished iPhone 8 Dismantling Details

This dismantling is the refurbished iPhone 8plus internal configuration of the iusedphone, which is consistent with the original iPhone 8 Plus, and the Intel baseband version of the iPhone 8 Plus A1897.

refurbished iPhone 8 Plus version

The iPhone 8 Plus A1897 is proven to be powered by the A11 Bionic AP, labeled TMHS09, in a stacked package (PoP) with LPDDR4 SDRAM running memory from Micron, model MT53D384M64D4NY, capacity The size is 3GB. The actual measurement results show that the size of the A11 chip is 89.23 square millimeters, which is 30% smaller than that of the A10.

The biggest feature of the A11 biomimetic chip is the built-in dedicated "Neural Engine". The neural network engine is currently capable of many tasks, including smarter identification of people, places and objects, as "face ID" and Innovative features such as “moving expressions” provide powerful performance and are used to improve Siri and AR applications and more. This is the result of Apple's layout over the years. In the process, Apple acquired a number of AI startups and absorbed a large number of talents in related fields.

Some details of the A11 biochip are as follows:

- A11 area is reduced by 30% compared to A10;

- Internal reduction: CPU 1 is 30% smaller, GPU is 40% smaller, and SDRAM is 40% smaller;

- CPU2 part, A11 has more cores than A10 (it is now 4 small cores, only 2 before);

- Relatively speaking, the internal area is similar: CPU accounts for 15%, GPU accounts for 20%, and SDRAM accounts for 8%;

- GPU is still the same 6 core design with common logic

- Each module layout block position is similar to A10

- The current difference from the A10 is the biggest difference in the built-in NPU unit.

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