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Refurbished iPhone and Samsung in the market
- Aug 31, 2018 -

According to a new report, the refurbished mobile phone market is growing at a very fast rate, allowing Apple to benefit from it. The iPhone is usually a very expensive phone, not everyone is willing to buy it, but the price of a refurbished phone is almost the same as a sharp price cut. According to CounterPoint Research, this is one of the reasons why the second-hand mobile phone market growth rate in 2017 is not less than 13%, close to 140 million.

Although the old smartphone market has grown by 13%, the growth rate of the new smartphone business is only 3%, which indicates that new models such as the iPhone X are more expensive, driving more buyers to renovate their equipment. The company said that only 25% of used mobile phones were sold back to the market, indicating that the industry has more potential in this area if more equipment is being refurbished.

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At present, second-hand mobile phones account for about 10% of the entire mobile market. Not surprisingly, most customers will buy iPhones. Apple is a leader in the refurbished mobile phone market for a reason. For iPhone devices, Apple typically offers up to four or five years of support, compared to two to three years for Android devices.

Apple and Samsung products account for nearly three-quarters of the refurbished smartphone market, and the research firm said that "Apple is leading the way with huge profit margins." This in turn hurts the low-end Android phone market. Buyers don't buy cheap equipment that is usually made by Chinese companies, but buyers choose a refurbished iPhone because they can benefit from longer support and better build quality and functionality.

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