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Refurbished iPhone Feature Summury
- Aug 06, 2018 -

For dealer partners who have long-term cooperation with iusedphone, we will ask them to tell the end customer when they sell the refurbished iPhone that this is a refurbished iPhone. It is absolutely impossible to sell the refurbished mobile phone as a brand new mobile phone. Now let's summarize some of the features that most refurbished mobile phones on the market will have:

1,The recycled mobile phone and the mobile phone obtained from the abnormal way are handled differently. We all know that for the sake of anti-theft and customer privacy, Apple has set up an ID lock from the iPhone 6 so that it actually does more harm than good for ordinary users. When the vendor can't crack the ID lock with the software, it will crack the ID through the hard solution. The "hard solution" is to replace the original of the motherboard. Many of the original motherboards can be replaced. Such a phone iusedphone does not mind everyone buying. We are also determined not to refurbish such iPhones.


2,The IMEI code of the back cover of the mobile phone, whether the serial number of the IMEI code of the mobile phone box is all correct, and the official website of the official website queries the activation of the mobile phone. If the mobile phone is a refurbished machine, it is likely to be activated for several years, so the so-called warranty does not make any sense.

3,observe the earphone hole, whether the charging port is black and stained, generally use a long time mobile phone even if it is cleaned will have such a problem, but basically now when the refurbishment will replace the new tail plug cable, because the cost is not high.

4,battery efficiency, there is a special APP test battery efficiency, if the battery efficiency is low or the speed is slower, you may use the old battery or non-original battery.

5,sealing film, I also said that after the iPhone6s, the sealing film uses a compressed folding film instead of a heat shrinkable film. The heat shrinkable film has obvious cut marks and looks more integrated.

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