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Refurbished iPhone in the trading market
- Sep 07, 2018 -

 In July of this year, a new study by B-Stock showed that the iPhone X was priced at least $849.15 at resale, and the phone maintained an original value of 85% in the secondary market. This also shows that in all iPhones launched by Apple, iPhone X clearly performs best in terms of value. Refurbished iPhone X prices will be more advantageous.

According to MusicMagpie, a second-hand trading website, the current value of the iPhone X is still 68% of the original sales price, even though the new iPhone will be officially unveiled a week later. This is in stark contrast to Samsung's flagship smartphone.


The latest report shows that this year's iPhone X successor (probably named iPhone XS) may start at $800. This is also good news for anyone who owns iPhone X and plans to replace it with new equipment this year. This will greatly reduce the cost of the new iPhone if there are no other factors. Of course, refurbished iPhone is also a good choice.

MusicMagpie says, in fact, all iPhone models are worth more than their competitors. The used iPhone X depreciated by 32%, the iPhone 8 Plus depreciated by 43%, the iPhone 8 depreciated by 45%, and the iPhone 7 depreciated by 44%. In sharp contrast to the iPhone, Samsung's Galaxy S9+, which depreciated nearly 50% after its release in just 5 months.


According to the data graph shared by MusicMagpie, other Samsung models have also depreciated by 58% to 59%. Of course, the worst is the HTC Desire 820, which depreciated 95% in the first year of its release.

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