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Refurbished iPhone Market share
- Sep 12, 2018 -

Before Apple announced 2018 three new iPhone models, analyst company Mixpanel today released a new report to see the iPhone models currently used by consumers. The data shows that iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s are still the most common iPhone models. Mixpanel has analyzed iPhone and iOS usage over the past 4 years. In terms of hardware, iPhone 7 is the most common iPhone model on the market, accounting for 17.34%, iPhone 6s ranked second, accounting for 13.01%, followed by iPhone 7 Plus, with a ratio of 12.06%. . Of course, the above data includes the number of refurbished iPhones.

The most interesting thing is that the next step is 12.06% of the iPhone X. This eye-catching iPhone is the shortest, and the other devices are "soon". Here is the share of each iPhone model:

iPhone 4 – 0.11%

iPhone 4S – 0.34%

iPhone 5 – 0.98%

iPhone 5c – 0.47%

iPhone 5s – 3.87%

iPhone 6 – 10.57%

iPhone 6 Plus – 2.63%

iPhone 6s – 13.01%

iPhone 6s Plus – 4.74%

iPhone SE – 4.62%

iPhone 7 – 17.34%

iPhone 7 Plus – 12.06%

iPhone 8 – 7.89%

iPhone 8 Plus – 7.89%

iPhone X – 12%

The most notable of these data is how many consumers are still using iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. Some analysts believe that this may mean the demand for the repressed iPhone, and users who use these models are likely to upgrade to the latest models this year. The demand growth rate of the refurbished iphone will be higher than the growth rate of the new model iphone. For example, the most popular refurbished iphone is the refurbished iphone 6s and refurbished iphone 7.

Mixpanel pointed out in the report that the annual iPhone version will reach a 20% market share after 6-7 months of release. In theory, this year's iPhone models will grow faster if users are priced by them, Design and character attraction.

Finally, Mixpanel also pointed out the highest market share of each iPhone model and the point in time when they reached their peak. For example, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have reached a high of 43.62% in September 2015.

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