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Refurbished Iphone Market Will Strong Growing Due To The IOS12
- Jun 28, 2018 -

In the early hours of June 5, Beijing time, Apple officially released the iOS 12 operating system, focusing on previewing some of the major features of iOS 12. As expected, the scope of iOS 12's new features has been narrowed because the new version focuses on reliability, improves system performance, and other new features include more open Siri Shortcuts, more practical use of real-life ARKit 2, with parents Controlled digital health functions, and social function updates.


However, the iOS 12 operating system still offers a very wide range of device upgrades. Apple said that today's iOS free software updates cover a large number of users. This is already very popular at the time of iOS 11 release. However, the latest iOS 12 update once again defines Apple's emphasis on iOS and users. All iOS 11 devices are Can be upgraded to iOS 12.


How significant is the performance actually improved? Apple said that with the iPhone 6s, which was very popular a few years ago, iOS 12 can increase the start-up speed of common applications by 40%, increase the responsiveness of input-mode keyboards by more than 50%, and start the camera faster than before. %. This also gives refurbished iphone market a strong growth momentum, including refurbished iphone 6, iphone6s and other products will continue to be popular.

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