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Refurbished iPhone Supplier from shenzhen
- Oct 28, 2018 -

The most famous mobile phone parts and second mobile phone market in China is Huaqiang North. Now Huaqiang North’s mobile phones are also starting to sell. Boss and merchants complain every day that second-hand mobile phones or refurbished mobile phones are getting harder to sell, and even iphone phones that have been selling well are starting to sell. However, in the face of high rents, iPhone profits are becoming less and less, basically relying on low-cost models to survive.

refurbished iPhone spare parts and accessories

At the beginning, Apple's mobile phone was particularly popular in Huaqiang North. Huaqiang North's second-hand iphone market is also booming. Many merchants and masters often visit here to purchase various parts needed for renovation and maintenance. Although the refurbished iphone and the original are different, but there is still a large demand for low-cost iphone, although the profits of the merchants are not high, relying on a large number of customers still earn a lot of money every day.

refurbished iPhone battery

However, the price of iphone is falling across the board. The price of China's new iphone 8 is currently at RMB 5,000. Coupled with the fact that everyone is more sensible in buying mobile phones, they will not go blindly to pursue iphone. Huaqiang North's mobile phone business is naturally not very good. Good to do. This is also because China's mobile phone manufacturers are more and more competitive.

For merchants, they now only hope that second-hand iphones will enter China more slowly, and they can save a little loss as long as the market is out of stock. This is the current dilemma encountered in China's second-hand iphone or refurbished iphone suppliers.

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