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Refurbished iPhone suppliers in China
- Sep 28, 2018 -

After releasing a report on the cost of iPhone XS storage yesterday, Iusedphone today released pricing reports for other parts of Apple's new 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max phone. Refurbished mobile phone market professionals point out that the most expensive part of the device is still the OLED display.

According to data from refurbished mobile phone suppliers in China, the 256GB iPhone XS Max costs $443 on parts and assemblies, compared to $395.44 for the 64GB iPhone X last year. Specifically, this time Apple saved some money. The iPhone XS Max has a display cost of $80.50, while the iPhone X has a screen cost of $77.27.

refurbished iPhone sealed box.jpg

According to refurbished mobile phone vendors, although the screen size is larger, the cost increase is relatively small, because Apple seems to have removed some components related to the so-called 3D Touch system, which make the application press the screen according to the user. The strength of the response has a different response.

As for the other parts of the iPhone XS Max, the cost of modems is slightly higher this year as Apple moves from Qualcomm to Intel. In addition, the A12 processor is slightly more expensive due to the new 7nm process. The dismantling of the iPhone X last year showed that the newly designed stainless steel frame was much more expensive for Apple. Since the iPhone XS Max has a larger body, we can only imagine this year. The high-quality refurbished iphone will not make any changes to these key originals. The main changes are the screen and the battery.

Although the 256GB iPhone XS Max has a component and assembly cost of $443, it is still a far cry from the $1,249 that Apple sells. However, as we have noted every year, these estimates do not take into account factors such as R&D and marketing. Tim Cook has defended the pricing strategy for iPhone X and iPhone XS, saying that both phones use innovative camera and chip technology, and he also pointed out that Apple's goal is to serve everyone if you provide A lot of innovation and value, naturally someone will be willing to pay.

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