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Refurbished iPhone X is coming
- Jul 11, 2018 -

As Apple's fall conference approaches, more and more predictions about the new iPhone. Today, market consultancy BlueFin Research announced the latest investor report, saying that Apple will stop producing iPhone X and iPhone SE this fall, turning its attention to iPhone 9, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Plus.

BlueFin analysts predict that the "repressed demand" of this year's new iPhone will skyrocket due to "the iPhone upgrades are boring in the past few years." Therefore, analysts predict that Apple will start producing new iPhones in the third and fourth quarters of this year. The refurbished iPhone market is also waiting for the launch of the new iPhone, ready to start the renovation of iPhone X.

There may have been a lot of people who want to buy an iPhone before, but after a few years of lack of innovation in the iPhone, I have been waiting for Apple to enlarge. And this wait may be accumulated until this year, even if the new iPhone innovation is not up to expectations.

This fall, analysts predict that Apple will produce 28 million iPhones 9, 11 and 11 Plus, up from the previous estimate of 24 million. They expect an additional 63 million units in the fourth quarter, 46 million units in the first quarter of next year and 46 million units in the second quarter. All of these numbers are higher than previous forecasts.

In terms of shipments, they expect to have 20 million, 60 million, 45 million and 40 million respectively in the next four quarters. It should be noted here that production volume and shipment volume are not a concept. Considering factors such as inventory, shipments are usually lower than production, which is well understood.

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