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Refurbished Original iPhone Camera
- Nov 06, 2018 -

The dual camera module measures 21.0 mm x 10.6 mm x 6.3 mm. According to the original x-ray, the wide-angle lens is equipped with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), and the telephoto lens is the same configuration as the iPhone 7 Plus.iusedphone.com is the professional refurbished original iphone and  spareparts factory from shenzhen,China.

Rear camera from original iPhone 8

The wide-angle sensor is a Sony CIS with a sensor size of 6.29 mm x 5.21 mm (32.8 mm2). In contrast, the sensor size of the iPhone 7 Plus wide-angle section is 32.3 square millimeters. TechInsights said that since this time is a quick disassembly analysis, the picture of the color filter is not recorded, but it is basically confirmed that the single pixel size is 1.22 μm. At the same time, Apple seems to be using the new Phase Pixel model and confirmed that it is a conventional back-illuminated (BSI) sensor, also known as Sony's Exmor RS sensor.

 Rear camera from original unlocked iPhone 8

The 7 megapixel front camera module measures 6.8 X mm x 5.8 mm x 4.4 mm

The sensor is still Sony's Sony CIS, measuring 3.73 mm x 5.05 mm (18.8 mm2) and a single pixel size of 1.0 μm, both of which are consistent with the iPhone 7 Plus's front camera.

original front camera in refurbished iPhone 8

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