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Sales Of The IPhone X Fall Down, And The Official Push To Fruit Powder: IPhone 7 Refurbished?
- Jun 28, 2018 -

As we all know, Apple's recent stock price decline, which is nothing more than affected by the iPhone X sales.

According to the official data released by Apple, under the leadership of iPhone X, a total of 77.316 million units were sold. However, iPhone X sales are mostly digested by Chinese users. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were bought by more rational American consumers.

When Apple saw the iPhone X's estimate that it couldn't be sold, it started playing the refurbished machine. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were re-qualified by Apple and returned to the market as official refurbished machines.

The corresponding storage versions are 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB respectively, while 7 Plus does not have a 256GB version. Mobile phones are also shrinking in price, with prices starting from 3150 yuan to 4350 yuan. Many netizens said that if the official refurbishment function persists for two years, it can still be considered.

Have not officially reached the official frequency. Change the shell, replace the battery, brush a machine, Huaqiang North cry no tears. Does everyone say that this is the truth?

According to Apple’s previous Chinese data, in the fourth quarter, Apple obtained US$17.956 billion in sales revenue in China (which Apple called “Greater China”), an increase of 11% year-on-year and an increase of 83% from the third quarter.

In other words, Apple's official launch of this batch of refurbished iPhones is likely to be digested by Chinese users. What do you think of this?

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