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Samsung S7 edge launched Batman version The new version is very cool
- May 17, 2018 -

Samsung has always been keen to launch a customized version of the new flagship, but also understands the preferences of current users. Samsung specifically released the Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man, and Samsung will also launch a customized version of another movie hero.

A few days ago, Samsung released a picture on the official Twitter. The picture was formed by the combination of the Galaxy S7 edge and the Batman logo. There is no doubt that Samsung is ready to launch the Batman version of the Galaxy S7 edge this year.

According to reports, Batman's limited edition Galaxy S7 edge will be sold globally, and users in mainland China will be able to buy it for the first time. However, considering the customized version, the price should be high, but it is still unclear. Specific listing date.

The iron man version of Samsung S6 edge from the packaging to the rear shell design are full of sentiment, it is estimated that the Samsung S7 edge is this route, we may wish to look forward to.

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