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Several major reasons for the more use of the Android mobile phone
- May 17, 2018 -

1. push mechanism, your mobile phone will often receive a lot of push messages? I often notice a lot of news when I open my cell phone. Why do push messages lead to mobile phone carton? That is due to the Android push mechanism. Unlike IOS, if a app wants to push messages to you on IOS, it needs to send information to the apple cloud through the server and push it to your mobile phone from the cloud. In this process, app will not start.

In Android phones, when pushing messages, the background will start the APP and wake up a series of APP related to it. When receiving the same message, IOS hasn't launched a app yet, and the Android side is already the state of a great get-together. Therefore, your mobile phone may be eight core 4G ultra high configuration, but can not stop the app bombing, IOS can use the 2G dual core configuration firmness... Of course, this problem can be solved by closing the push message.

2. application permissions, you didn't find Android's app, asking for mobile phone rights a little over... The information of social software to get video, photograph, location, so what do some video software ask for? You said you agreed with these permissions and didn't see where to use them. What are these requests? The most annoying thing is that once you do not agree, you will simply return. You thought there was something wrong with your cell phone. App was actually playing a trick on you!

3 ubiquitous software traps, not only to push messages and application rights, but also often appear inexplicable you do not know which software you do, have you ever been crazy about it? Let's sum up what these app means to get into our mobile phones through all kinds of means.4. PC, if your computer is loaded with some domestic antivirus software or market software, when your cell phone is connected to the computer, your cell phone will be loaded with this antivirus software / application market software. This matter should be understood more or less. In fact, mobile housekeepers are not necessary. A few years ago, the mobile housekeeper might still solve some problems. But now the Android system has been very perfect, and housekeeper APP basically is stationed in the backstage, will also cause the phone's carton Oh ~

5. through mobile browser, when you downloaded app on browser, have you met such options as ordinary download and high-speed download? If you choose to download it at a high speed, you may have an application icon on your desktop. The gap between Android and iPhone can be said to be the gap between IOS and Android. And, to tell you the truth, carton is not exactly like the old card in the thousands of domestic android machines.

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