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Siri changed heads. Is Apple going to take off?
- Jun 27, 2018 -

Although Siri has always given people a thin impression of existence since its birth, it is evident from Apple's recent moves that it will soon become a very important part of the entire ecosystem. Apple has recently confirmed that new executives will be in charge of Siri's future. The identity of the new executive implies the direction of Siri.

Not too long ago, Apple officials suddenly announced a very interesting news: The company's Siri business changed hands. We are all very familiar with the old and new executives. The Siri business, which was formerly owned by Eddy Couy, is now handed over to Craig Federico.

Taking into account the identity of the two executives, this business change is meaningful. Eddie Kuye is senior vice president of software and services at Apple, and Craig Federico is senior vice president of software engineering. To put it more clearly, Kui was in charge of the content, and Federici was responsible for the operating system. This means that Siri's positioning no longer belongs to a content service, but rather to the operating system.

Based on this fact, people in the industry basically agreed that Siri's business transfer will certainly not be an adjustment of general business distribution, but an important decision of Apple. The impact of this decision will probably be very far-reaching.

Since 2012, Kui has been responsible for overseeing the Siri business. Under his management, Siri’s five years did not cause an explosive sensation, but it also steadily progressed. During this time, Siri went through a "brain change" process, retrieving the database from the past relying solely on key information and answering evolution to a solution based on neural network machine learning algorithms. Today, we find that Siri is becoming more and more important in Apple's strategy.

The transfer of the Siri business is certainly not a failure of Kui, but a sign of Apple's transformation. This change of coaching may well be the beginning of a new era.

The feeling Siri gave people in the past was just a helper for the iOS system (occasionally not so easy to use). Use it when you are an early adopter, ask the weather, set an alarm clock, or more to say various things. See its response. Siri has always been low-key, and people did not think that in the past it will provide more than one function, but what will happen in the future.

But in the recent past, we have been able to feel the importance of Apple to Siri. Beginning with macOS Sierra, Apple’s computer system welcomes Siri assistants. The release of the iPhone 7 brought AirPods, and Apple specifically added double-click wake-up gestures to Siri for this wireless headset. At this year's WWDC Developer Conference, HomePod, a speaker based on Siri, was released. No matter who cares about it all, they will agree that Apple is going to have a big move.

Since Apple has been infiltrating Siri to various platforms, it is very easy to understand the changes in the department. Federico is in charge of iOS, macOS and other systems, and Siri also belongs to his name, which means that Siri is already part of these systems and platforms in the eyes of Apple. In the future, we can look forward to Siri with deeper integration with Apple's operating system.

Another key point is that Eddie Kuye’s content service team will remain in the old headquarters in the future and will integrate these services under a unified cloud network framework. Service business is equally important to Apple, which helps create a better experience. Then, Siri, which has become more and more integrated with the operating system, naturally moves to the new headquarters. On the other hand, this also helps the Kuy team to focus on what they should do.

So we just said that Apple's decision is likely to have a profound effect, because a voice assistant that is more integrated in the system will likely greatly change the experience of using our mobile phone in the future, not only now, but also a usable one. Unused extra features.

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