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The main optimization function, iOS 12 Beta 2 is now released
- Jun 25, 2018 -

Apple released the second developer beta of iOS 12 (Beta 2) this morning. Based on the first beta, it adjusted and changed several new features in iOS 12.

Apple's new iOS 12 system will be officially launched this fall to improve the user experience and improve the use of the main function, the perception may not differ much from the previous version, but we have learned from Beta 1, iOS 12 on the old device running speed And the launch speed of the App has greatly improved. In addition, it brings users new digital health functions, Memoji expression packs, FaceTime group chat, and brings developers ARkit 2, Core ML 2 and more open Siri. A series of software-level improvements such as the Quick API.

The most significant changes in this iOS 12 Beta 2 include:

- Battery usage: The battery usage and battery icons for the past 24 hours have been redesigned and the description text in this menu has been adjusted.

- Screen Time: In Beta 1 when you click on an application in Screen Time will directly enter the limit interface, now click on the application to display more information about the application, including daily average usage, developer, category, etc. Set the limit button. The basic interface of the application has also been adjusted so that users can better understand their role when they get started.

In addition, you can now view the App usage of each device or all devices from the iCloud account you logged in.

- Notifications: An improvement in iOS 12 is that Siri will suggest that you turn off app notifications that you don’t normally use. Now you can turn off Siri suggestions for individual apps in the notification options in Settings.

- Automatically fill in the password: When you need to use the account password to log in to some platforms/websites, the filled-in saved password (stored in the iCloud Keychain) will pop up.

- Voice memo: iOS 12 Beta 2 has a new voice memo guide page.

- Face recognition: When face recognition is used to unlock content, iPhone X will immediately alert you that you are using Face Scan.

- Photo: The text in the "Media Type" and "Album" lists in the photo app is increased.

- Photo search: iOS 12 beta 2 photos support more advanced search. For example, if you search for a specific date like July 10, it will show all photos for July of all years.

- Open iPhone application on iPad: Open on iPad iPhone applications are usually displayed in 1x and 2x modes. The previous display interface was based on the old device iPhone 4 screen size and has now been replaced with the iPhone 6 screen size.

Since iOS 12 currently only launches a developer beta, there are inevitably some problems, including weather widgets failing to launch FaceTime group chats between Beta 2 and Beta 1, and FaceTime being easily interrupted or flashing back, voice messages cannot be saved. Sync via iCloud and more.

In addition, the Screen Time screen time is re-enabled after installing iOS 12 beta 2, and all settings will be restored.

Apple promises to launch the iOS 12 public beta before the end of June, so we may see the beta version on the line later this week. We believe that the version will be more stable at that time and the small partners who want to experience can look at it.

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