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Three difficulties in the mobile phone recycling industry
- May 17, 2018 -

Why is the recovery rate so low that the used mobile phone has such high reutilization value? Standard Army and roadside stalls, mobile phone recycling quotes why so many differences? Insiders pointed out that usually no matter how much the cell phone charges, the cost of data usually does not exceed 200 dollars, the rest of the quotation is development, advertising and other capital. After standardizing the company's recovery of mobile phones, most of them are used for dismantling, so mobile phones no longer have additional capital, but are priced according to the original data, so the quoted price is low. And the "loose troops" will be more used for the two sale after the recall of mobile phones, and there is still a big profit margin, which can give higher quotations. It

First, it is personal privacy and information security questions.  The latest data from the China Institute of information and communications flashed, in January 2017, domestic smartphone shipments were 45 million 30 thousand, accounting for 96.1% of total mobile phone shipments in the same period. With the extensive use of intelligent machines, mobile phones are no longer just the things that call and send messages, but the "mobile terminals" that most people can't leave. WeChat, Alipay, mobile phone banking procedures to make life more convenient, but also a lot of personal information bound together. "My phone has bank accounts, secret codes, etc., even if all deleted, it is estimated that hackers can still recover through skills." Mr. Wang, who lives in Chaoyang District, Beijing, sighs, "I don't want to sell the cell phone to the Yellow Cattle party on the street for hundreds of dollars. Who knows they will miss the information? It's too risky. "

Secondly, it is difficult to standardize the way to recover. "I only know that apple is being withdrawn from stores. Where should I send other brands? I found a NOKIA model at home many years ago. I want to get rid of it, but I really don't know who else to give it to the street stall. Ms. Chen, who works in Financial Street, Beijing, complained that "no matter in the community, the street or the unit, I have not found the standard recovery point."

After all, the withdrawal of the quotation is not reasonable. If street vendors are bidding high but not safe, the standard way is centring but not cost-effective. When the Apple Corp had just launched a new policy for the new new policy, it took 90% new iPhone5S (the price of the 16G model at the time of the introduction of the product was 4488 yuan) to go to the store. The official recovery price is 1500 yuan, and the mobile phone is necessary to comply with the relevant norms. If there is any damage, the quotation will be lower. But the same mobile phone sells to the secondary market at least 2000 yuan.

Even if the same is done, the cost of regulating troops and roadside stalls is also very different. To standardize the needs of the company to create a factory that meets the requirements of the national environment, select the environmental protection skills, carry out the basic labor protection for the workers, carry out a waste disposal and pay the value-added tax; and the illegal small workshops have no environmental input, backward dismantling skills, low manpower cost, and no tax, and the cost saved will be transferred naturally. It's on the offer. Tang Aijun, Secretary General of China Electronics Equipment Technology Development Association sighed, "the disorder of homework is the biggest doubt. To tell you the truth, we have invested heavily in this industry, with slow results and high operating costs. Compared with the small workshop that can start after the house, the standard recycling resource company only needs 50% yuan to 60% yuan. Where is the competition?

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