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Two new iPhones are expected to support dual card dual standby
- Jun 29, 2018 -

For a long time, the iPhone has several shortcomings that have been criticized. For example, there is no 3.5mm interface, the battery capacity is not enough, the design is unchanged for several years, etc., but to say that users can not stand most, still do not support dual card dual standby. In the past, many people had vowed that Apple would definitely not use dual-card dual-standby, because this has their own design purposes, but today there are many domestic media that two of the iPhone will come out to support dual-card dual standby !

According to reports by 21st Century Business Herald and other media, two of the three new iPhones in 2018 will be equipped with dual-card dual-standby features, and there will be special benefits for Chinese users, since other markets will also Supports dual SIM dual standby, but there is still only one physical card slot. The other card is in the form of an eSIM virtual card. Just like the Apple Watch Series 3, it directly writes the card number information to the chip installed in the device. No card is required. Slots and physical SIM cards.

The iPhone on the Chinese market will be equipped with dual physical card slots, no different from other Android phones.

Why does this happen? In the official website, Apple introduced that more than 180 countries now support the Apple SIM function, which is the virtual eSIM card, but China is not in it. Because the eSIM card can freely change the written card number, it can even write multiple card numbers and switch freely during use, which has a greater impact on operators' development and retention of users. So now only China Unicom is targeting Apple Watch Series 3 Provides eSIM card service.

Therefore, if the iPhone has completely enabled the eSIM card, then this feature may become a device in the Chinese market. To avoid this situation, Apple has no problem in customizing the dual physical slot iPhone for the Chinese market.

For this situation, some industry insiders speculate that the dual-card dual-standby iPhone will have a great impact on the Android mobile phone market, because now the number of dual-card users in China exceeds 300 million, many of which are because the iPhone does not support dual cards. Turning to the Android camp, once Apple opened this hole, then like the big screen gimmick of the iPhone 6 that was released that year, the sales of the new iPhone in China will skyrocket.

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