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Used phone recycling needs to establish industry standards
- May 17, 2018 -

Nowadays, with the rapid updating of mobile phones and the increasing frequency of people changing their phones, how do they handle old phones? Most people choose to recycle, so how can they be recovered reasonably? Let's take a look at the second-hand mobile phone recycling industry standard.

Because of the lack of regular recycling system, there are still many hidden dangers from old mobile phone recycling. First, cell phone battery and circuit board contain a variety of heavy metals, easy to leak in a long time, if entering the human body will damage the function of the nervous system and liver, if discarded is easy to pollute the soil and groundwater; secondly, the old mobile phone sold to the mobile peddlers, there is information security hidden. A survey showed that within a year, users averaged 1200 messages per cell phone, 700 photos, 50 videos, and 200 contact contacts.

The recycling price of second-hand mobile phones is also uneven. Comparing the Internet, we found an example of a rose golden mainland version of 16G, iPhone6S. In the "easy network", if there is no maintenance history, in the warranty period, the shell is intact, the recovery price of the platform is 3700 yuan; the screen has been repaired, immediately down to 2960 yuan, if the warranty period, then down to 3140 yuan.  If it is white, under the same optimal conditions, the recovery price is only 3580 yuan, less than the rose gold 120 yuan. On the "easy buy back", the same condition, no maintenance history is 2855 yuan, and the history of screen repair is 2425 yuan. To the "buy back network", the same mobile phone, the history of no maintenance is 3100 yuan, and the history of screen repair is 2700 yuan. In other words, the same mobile phone, the difference between the three platforms can be 850 yuan.

"The price of the same mobile phone in different channels is different, which is related to the lack of standards in the industry." In a previous interview, the Secretary of the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce post-sale special committee, Lin Han Zhong, said that there was no cell phone in the regulations on the management of recycling and disposal of electronic products and electronic products from 2011. This loophole should be made up. Recycling old mobile phones through regular channels, such as operators, producers and sellers, can reduce environmental pollution and avoid the risk of damage to health and disclosure of privacy, which is an urgent problem to be solved.

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