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What is New in iPhone X 1st
- Jul 18, 2018 -

1. Glass: The front and back of the iPhone X are glass, and the depth of the reinforcement layer is increased by 50%. It is the most durable front and rear glass panel in the history of the iPhone. The 7-layer inking process results in more precise hue and opacity, while the reflective optics enhances color. The oleophobic coating helps reduce stains and fingerprints.


2, stainless steel middle frame: surgical grade stainless steel frame wrapped around the edge of the iPhone X, this is an alloy designed by Apple.


3, full screen: iPhone X has a screen with almost no border, only a "bang" at the top of the head, used to house the original deep camera system. The ultra-narrow bezel surrounds the screen and the home button is removed.LCD for refurbished iPhone X is launched in the market.


4, side button: Apple extended the lock screen button, and renamed the side button. Double click to activate Apple Pay.


5, the new accelerometer


6, the new gyroscope


Super retina display

7, 5.8-inch screen: The largest screen in iPhone history. However, the size of the whole machine is between the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, almost the same as the iPhone 8. So the iPhone X is the best iPhone model for one-handed but the largest screen.Refurbished market is ready for refurbished iPhone X and refurbished iPhone 8.

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