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What is New in iPhone X 4th
- Jul 23, 2018 -

28, better low light zoom

29, portrait mode improvement

30. Portrait light effect: The portrait light effect function combines the complex hardware and software such as depth sensing camera and surface drawing to generate realistic studio-level light effect according to the basic principle of photographic lighting.

31. Special adjustment for augmented reality applications

32, deeper pixels. Refurbished iPhone will not change any of the phone's internal originals, and the features are the same as the new iPhone X.


33. Wireless charging: Support Qi standard. You can charge with a wireless charging pillow. Apple will also launch its own AirPower charging pillow, which can simultaneously charge a variety of Apple devices.

34, fast charging: iPhone X supports "fast charging", you can use Apple's 29W, 61W and 87W USB-C charger to charge iPhone X, half an hour can be filled with 50% of the power. These chargers need to be purchased separately, but the same charger is also available on the 12-inch MacBook and the 2016 MacBook Pro.

35, longer battery life: two hours longer than the iPhone 7 battery life. Refurbished iPhones will replace the new battery and have a better battery life than the Used iPhone.


36, A11 Bionic: Apple's latest A-series chips, with 4 energy efficiency**, 70% faster than the A10 processor in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. 2 performance** also has a 25% speed increase.

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