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What is New in iPhone X 5th
- Jul 24, 2018 -

37, M11 sports coprocessor
38. Neural Network Engine: Apple said that this iPhone has the most powerful and intelligent chip ever, with a neural network engine with up to 600 billion operations per second. Drive Face ID and Animoji animated emoticons.
39. Faster GPUs: Apple said that the new three-** graphics processor they designed has a speed increase of up to 30% compared to the A10 Fusion.
40, NFC reader mode: Apple recently launched the Core NFC framework, which is a new framework brought by iOS 11, allowing applications to detect NFC tags. The refurbished iPhone will not replace any internal accessories, and SZUSED will conduct 31 standardized tests before shipment.
41. Bluetooth 5.0: Compared with the 4.2 version, Bluetooth 5.0 can provide four times the effective range, twice the speed and eight times the broadcast message capability.
42. Galileo Global Positioning Support: Galileo is the keystroke of the global satellite navigation system in Europe and a competitor of GPS.
43. QZSS Support: The Quasi-Zenith satellite system is a satellite-based GPS system enhancement system that can be received in Japan.

iOS 11
44. Simplified status bar: The clock is on the left; Wi-Fi strength, cellular network strength and battery icon are on the right.
45. Press and hold the side button to activate Siri.
46. Press and hold the side button and volume + button screenshot. In Shenzhen, China, the refurbished iPhone supplier offers a 180-day quality commitment.
47. Swipe up to close the current application.
48. Swipe up the screen and pause for a while to bring up the multitasking card.
49, iPad similar Dock design.
50, Clips application to increase the self-timer scene: When using the Clips app on iPhone X, a new "self-timer scene" function is used to immerse the original depth camera system in a 360-degree animation scene.

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