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What's wrong with the phone screen?
- May 17, 2018 -

The mobile phone screen is a very fragile part of the mobile phone. If you accidentally drop it, the screen may be broken. So, what's wrong with the phone screen?

1, first of all, if you can dismantle the machine, you can remove the cell phone yourself and see what's going on. If it is a simple line break or other small problems, you can solve it by yourself.

For a friend who can't disassemble the machine, it can get the repair shop to repair it. It is best to watch the whole process of repairing it by yourself so as not to change the parts of the repair master or to make other problems.

2, if the mobile phone is still in warranty period, it is suggested that you can get the place where you buy your mobile phone for warranty treatment, which is a good choice.

3, if the repair price is high or the repair is not good, you can recycle it. After recycling, you can buy a new machine.

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