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Why choose refurbished iPhone
- Jul 25, 2018 -

Up to now, there are already many market research organizations that show that the used smartphone industry is an amazing cake. In other words, the booming second-hand mobile phone market has affected the market performance of new smartphones, because many people would rather spend money on it, perhaps just to get started with a favorite Apple iPhone. Recently, a market research company released a report saying that the global refurbished smartphone market grew by 13% in 2017, with a total sales volume of nearly 140 million units, and Apple's iPhone is the most popular.

Let's not talk about the huge space in the global refurbished smartphone market, even more than the total growth of new smartphones. Today, I mainly talk to you about why many people would rather buy a refurbished iPhone than start a new Android phone. After all, the Apple iPhone has played an irreplaceable credit in the total sales of refurbished smartphones. Through analysis, iusedphone believes that there are three major reasons,


First, the brand effect of Apple's iPhone has driven for ten years. In fact, whether it is the new iPhone launched by Apple or the old iPhone that flows into the used mobile phone market, different stages will always be recognized and accepted by different consumers, and even favored.

What is the reason, nothing more than the brand effect of the Apple iPhone accumulated and formed over the past decade. In other words, although the iPhone has no glory in the era of Jobs and cannot be a symbol of identity, the high-end machine behind it cannot be erased in the short term.

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Second, refurbished machines are cheaper than the new iPhone. Combined with the long-term brand influence of Apple's iPhone, many people have already been captured, even if they don't start the iPhone, they are at least loyal potential users. The people who started to renovate the iPhone are part of this loyal potential user, because the new iPhone is expensive, and the non-ordinary consumers can afford it. It is just a matter of renovating the iPhone hardware configuration, and it can spend a small amount of money to buy high-end. Model, why not?


Third, the iPhone runs smoothly for a long time. According to the official recommendation of Apple, the theoretical life of the iPhone is basically maintained for three years, but in fact many consumers extend the life of the iPhone to four or five years. why? The main reason lies in the smooth running of the system of the iPhone. Further, the iPhone used for four or five years will not be abnormally stuck so that it cannot be used normally.

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