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How Can Buy A Good Used Apple Phone?
- May 17, 2018 -

A lot of fruit powder will buy used Apple handsets through personal transactions, but in the process of buying, it is deceived by others to buy bad second-hand Apple machines. In fact, as long as you pay attention to the following points, you can buy high quality, regular used Apple handsets.


When most people sell their used mobile phones, they say their mobile phones have no repair and no repair. If you are in this situation when you buy a used apple machine, you must tell if it is true. There is a big difference between the price of second-hand handsets and the price of second-hand handsets.

How to test whether Apple phone has been repaired or not? It can be checked through the cross screws at the bottom of Apple mobile phone, and the dismantled screws will have traces. In addition, the apple machine after entering the water can not be judged by appearance.

Is it a retread machine

In advance, let the seller know the first time of the purchase of the mobile phone, and then check the first time to use the phone serial number to see whether the two are consistent. If the two are different, the apple model is likely to be refurbished.

ID account and password

Purchase of second-hand Apple mobile phone, must find the original machine mainly to the ID account and password, and then modify, change to their own password and confidential mailbox, to avoid the brush can not be activated, can not be used normally.

ID lock

When the purchase transaction is reached, it is necessary to erase the data from the second-hand Apple mobile phone, enter the "set" - "general" - "restore", clear all content and settings, start looking for my apple function, and use the ID account and password function to shut down. To avoid the original machine owners through remote operation of mobile phones, lock the phone, so as not to cause normal use of mobile phones.

SIM card

Take the SIM card slot of the second-hand apple machine out to see if there is a card stickers, that is, the network lock.  Usually, the price of second-hand Apple handsets is lower than that of unlocked Apple phones.

Purchase channel

This is also the most important point. Don't covet the low price and buy second-hand Apple phones stolen or stolen. This is a crime.

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