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How Long Does The Used Old Cell Phone Be Better?
- May 17, 2018 -

If the mobile phone is new, the old cell phone left behind, if it is ignored, will find the cell phone has aging, Caton, failure after a period of use. In order to avoid this phenomenon, we can solve it by charging the battery. How long is it appropriate to charge a battery?

The self discharge rate of lithium battery

The lithium battery of modern smart phone has the characteristics of self discharge rate, that is, the ideal time for battery to supply battery life. The monthly self discharge rate of lithium batteries fluctuate between 10-35%, that is, in the case of completely unoperating the cell phone, 100% of the electricity can theoretically supply the mobile phone for 3-4 months. Therefore, it is better to use the old mobile phone for 3 months or so. If the cell phone continues to consume electricity, it will be in a working state, and it will avoid aging carton and other bad phenomena.

However, in the actual situation, some factors such as the battery manufacturing and setting of some smartphones will be dormant, which automatically enters the dormancy period after 2-3 months without the use of the cell. At this time, if we are going to use mobile phones, we will find that Caton and other mobile phone systems are not fluent. The solution is that as long as we reactivate the battery.

How to activate? It's very easy to use the cell phone until you run out of electricity and then fill it up again. After the use is full, the cell phone battery automatically activates after three or four times. If you find it troublesome, you can power your cell phone every 2 months or so.

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