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How To Ensure The Security Of Personal Information By Mobile Internet?
- May 17, 2018 -

Now it is the age of mobile phones, which also brings the potential danger of malicious attacks and personal information leakage. According to the data, although the operating system of modern smartphones is designed, strict security measures are often taken into account, but the security of mobile information is still a difficult problem to be solved. It is not difficult to guarantee the security of mobile phone information. The following 10 tips can help you feel relieved through the WAP link.

1, set up the password of the mobile phone

This is obvious, but in a data survey, about 30% of mobile phone users still do not have passwords to protect personal information in mobile phones. Illegal elements like the mobile phone users, they can easily get your personal information through virus programs, Trojan horses, and so on, when you click the page to browse the content on the web. Traditional mobile phone passwords are often combined with text and numbers. Based on pattern recognition, with the development of technology nowadays, the password of mobile phone is more difficult to be cracked by people. For example, fingerprint recognition technology, with it, allows you to browse online, personal privacy information is greatly guaranteed.

2, update the mobile phone system and software in time

Update the system and software of the mobile phone in time to ensure that it runs the latest version of the operating system and software. This will not only make your mobile phone run better, but the most important thing is that any cell phone system and software are imperfect, and all of them have its flaws. The information security of the mobile phone can be increased by one point. It also shows that if a cell phone has been out of prison or root, it is more likely to receive network attacks because the mobile phone has not been updated to the latest version of the operating system.

3, turn off the Bluetooth, when you don't need it

If you don't use Bluetooth, make sure to close it. Many unknown applications or viruses can be sent to your cell phone via Bluetooth, while closing the Bluetooth will also help extend the cell phone battery life.

4, avoid an unknown Wi-Fi network

Hackers sometimes set fake WiFi hot spots as "middleman" attacks. If you are unfortunate to run on fake WiFi networks, they will steal all the information in your cell phone through the WIFI hot spot, including all the passwords in your cell phone.

5, check the mobile phone bill

Whether it's the traffic bill, the bills used by the application, or the short message call bill, you need to look at each bill carefully to see if there is any suspicious cost in the bill, if so, it means that your mobile phone information has been leaked.

6, download programs from regular application stores

Make sure that your mobile apps are downloaded from the regular app store, like apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon application stores, and some pirated applications or illegal applications always love to be mixed in all kinds of application stores. If you don't download it carefully, your mobile phone information will be stolen unconsciously.

7, read Ts&Cs:

When you are downloading an application, a long term application clause is often presented in the program. Don't ignore them! When you click "accept" to agree on installation, you should first understand whether there is an installation clause, a description of the security of the phone's privacy. If you don't find the security of the privacy information in the terms, you should be careful when you download it, because when you download it, the privacy of your cell phone is not in your hands, and you don't know where your mobile data will be used.

8, don't click online advertising

If you browse the content on the web, social media, and email, if you find weird advertising information, don't click on it when you are not sure whether the advertising information is safe. Nowadays, most of the leakage of cell phone information occurs through various links. Remember the reason why "curiosity killed the cat".

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