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How To Refurbish IPhone
- May 17, 2018 -

1, look at the appearance of the phone and see if there are any traces on the cell phone surface, especially on the four corners and buttons of the mobile phone.

Look at the various interfaces of mobile phones, such as headphones and data line interfaces. If they are refurbishing machines, they will leave more or less traces.

2. Contrast IMEI

1 turn on the phone and find the settings.

2 set - General.

3 general-purpose -- about the machine

4 in the machine, you can find the IMEI number inside the fuselage.

5 flip the phone. The back of the fuselage has the phone number and IMEI number. Compare the IMEI of the fuselage with the IMEI number inside the phone. Consistency shows that the inside and outside of the cell is consistent, and the shell is not replaced or assembled.

3. The warranty period of the official network and the date of activation

1 login to the official network, to find technical support.

2 find a warranty query on the technical support page.

3 enter the serial number of your cell phone, the serial number of the cell phone is together with the IMEI number. The lookup method can look at my previous experience - how to find the serial number of the apple cell phone.

4 in the query results page, you can see the phone number corresponding to the serial number, and compare it with the purchase. You can also see the warranty period for the mobile phone. The warranty period for Apple mobile phone is one year, counting from mobile phone activation. In other words, the starting time of warranty is the activation time. Here, for example, the warranty is up to October 12, 2015, that is to say, the activation time is October 12, 2014. If this time is quite different from your purchase date, it must be a problem machine.

4, check the model to determine the sales area

1 one method: look at the model of the back of the fuselage, for example, the machine is A1543, and the distribution table is sold through the model of the apple cell phone, which can determine the general sales area of the machine. For example, the machine is A1453, and it can be sure that it is not sold on the mainland, so it can be sure that it is not a mobile phone.

2, second ways: Download third party software, Apple Mobile assistant, such as Itools. Connecting the mobile phone can also view the sales area.

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