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Mobile Refurbishment Process
- May 17, 2018 -

The recycled mobile phone is cleaned up with some chemical liquid, then the new shell, the battery, the charger and other accessories, and then the new cell phone sales, such a mobile phone is the refurbishment. Refurbished mobile phones include changing the motherboard, replacing or "whitewashing" mobile phone shells, refreshing mobile phone software, repackaging and recharging.

Mobile refurbishment process

Mobile refurbishment process is not complex, here is the first list of specific steps, and the whole process of mobile phone refurbishment, let you understand completely how the refurbished mobile phone is practiced.

1. first of all, check the motherboard, dirty to be cleaned, broken repair.

2. cleaning and polishing the mobile phone screen.

3. test the key and sound quality of the mobile phone.

4. IMEI code is false.

5. new coat packing and attachments.

Recognition of a refurbished cell phone

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