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Precautions For Refurbished Iphone Purchase
- May 17, 2018 -

For mobile phone enthusiasts, the replacement of the mobile phone is not necessarily because the cell phone is broken, and more like a toy for the latest and most tidal cell phones, and after the smartphone is updated, a large number of second-hand mobile phones have been eliminated. Many of you can buy your favorite mobile phone at a lower price, but when buying second-hand mobile phones, you should pay attention to the following matters:

The way to buy used mobile phones

Most of the local second-hand mobile phone market is a professional second-hand handset dealer, water is very deep, easy to deal in the transaction, when buying a mobile phone for themselves, it is not recommended to go there. When buying through the Internet, choose good reputable mobile phone websites and personal reputable sellers.

When buying second-hand mobile phones, we should be familiar with some basic terms.

The box, the cell phone, the charger and even the invoice are all in. In order to reflect the mobile phone is self use, and very much love, so many, so that a good offer, and buyers like this second-hand mobile phone.

No: there are two aspects, one is about the screen, that is, no dust, no bright spots, no bad point; two is about the mobile phone itself, that is, no dismantling, no water, no supplement.

Self use: the mobile phone that you use, although most of the mobile phones on the Internet are used by themselves, but many are not self used, such as the second-hand traffickers who sell the mobile phones, help others to hand their mobile phones, or private goods.

Understand the use of second-hand mobile phones purchased

We also have a certain understanding of the selected second-hand handsets, some models are suitable for purchase, others are not. Generally speaking, the purchase of second-hand handsets is mainly divided into two states:

1, stop or outdated smart phones, even if you want to buy a brand-new machine is also very possible.

2, one is a stable hot smart phone, although it has not stopped production, but with the listing of new mobile phones, their quotations have now fallen to the bottom, and they will not rebound for a long time, even if they do not lose their money.

Is it worthwhile

The biggest advantage of buying used mobile phones is cheap. Usually 9.5 new phones are cheaper than the market - new machine 10%-20%, and 9 will be cheaper, but it is still to buy secondhand mobile phones in the following two situations.

1, see how much you need for used mobile phones

2, we should try to understand the relevant information as far as possible, otherwise, we will not get any benefits.

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