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Refurbished iPhone Supplier Market In China
- Oct 08, 2018 -

iOS 12 is currently installed on more than 50% of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. iOS 11 took a month to reach this milestone, and iOS 12 was completed in 20 days. In contrast, there are still 42.91% of devices using iOS 11 systems, and the ratio of older systems is 7.08%. The refurbished iphone fully supports system upgrades.

refurbished iPhone 6s plus.jpg

Many people think that iOS 11 is not performing well in terms of operating system updates, and there are various kinds of unstable and sluggish complaints. Apple gave its own solution in iOS 12, and the company claims that iOS 12 is paying attention to performance upgrades, especially on older iPhones and iPads.

iOS 12 supports all devices that can run iOS 11, which means that the iOS 12 user community can be extended to iPhone 5s. Despite the slow start, the iOS 12 installation rate has increased dramatically over the past few days, almost doubling in just 7 days. The positive response from the Apple community has also accelerated.

However, Apple has not updated the official data of iOS 12, the last update of the company was on September 3, and reported that iOS 11 usage exceeded 85%. Last year, Apple's official data showed that the iOS 11 installation rate did not exceed 50% until November. China's refurbished iphone supply market is currently based on iOS10, iOS11 system, foreign wholesalers can upgrade to iOS12.

In the future, the iOS 12 installation rate may continue to remain strong. iOS 12.1 will include some major new features, such as FaceTime Group Chat and more than 70 new emoji symbols, which always help motivate people to upgrade. There are rumors that Apple is also preparing to launch a series of new hardware pre-installed with iOS 12, including the new iPad Pro series, and of course the pre-ordered iPhone XR on October 19.

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