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Refurbished iPhone X And iPhone 8 Cheap Price
- Sep 13, 2018 -

The thrilling Apple Autumn Conference is coming! Fruit powder people are looking forward to seeing how the new generation of iPhone can be "overwhelming"? But most people still care about the price can not be new high? In this wave of new wave, the old models of the iPhone have also had a trend of price cuts. Then let's take a look at the market of Apple's second-hand market today. The following models are the price of the original refurbished iPhone.

The popular models updated today are iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus and more. The following data is available for everyone to consider buying second-hand mobile phones, selling idle mobile phones and using them for reference.

refurbished iPhone to go.jpg


1, the new machine has not yet released, iPhone X is still the most powerful model of the iPhone reform, and the price has also a downward trend, located at 5899 yuan.

2, equipped with the history of the "strongest chip" iPhone 8 Plus performance is very strong, whether it is audio and video or ultra-high-definition picture quality "eat chicken" no pressure, start only 4199 yuan.

3, the refurbished iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus "front and rear pinch", iPhone 8 price cuts touching, "diving" fell to 3499 yuan.

4. Compared with the Snapdragon 845, the A10 chip is very strong. The refurbished iPhone 7 Plus with the A10 chip is currently popular in the mid-end flagship market, and it only costs 2899 yuan.

Reference suggestion: iPhone X is still the most "advanced" model at present. For those who like to chase the trend, you can't miss it. As for friends who like big screens and usually have more entertainment needs, such as games and audio, iPhone 8 Plus is very good. The choice; as for the budget-strapped friends, it is also worth considering the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 Plus, both of which have high performance.

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