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Refurbished iPhone X From China Supplier
- Nov 13, 2018 -

I really like the stainless steel frame material.Frankly speaking,the back cover and the frame is OEM from Chinese factory not Apple original. This is how all the refurbished iPhone will be done in the second hand mobile phone market.Even though I don't regret the choice of silver. Of course, the black phone's frame is black.

refurbished iPhone X screen

refurbished iPhone X volume button

refurbished iPhone X speaker

refurbished iPhone X simcard stray

refurbished iPhone X mute button

On the back is a whole piece of glass. In order to introduce wireless charging, the back shell can no longer use metal material. Everything seems to be back to the iPhone 4. This subtle time cycle makes me believe that Cook can say "I can feel it, Jobs is there"

refurbished iPhone X back cover glass

refurbished iPhone X camera

Light up the screen and activate the phone. The iOS 11 is standard on the iPhone X. Numerous new features have finally come into full play, and the high level of integration of the bangs that marvels at the industry is not as bad as imagined. In such a small size, infrared sensors, flood sensing elements, distance sensors, ambient light sensors, speakers, microphones, 700-pixel front-facing cameras, dot-matrix projectors, and many other components are integrated to achieve high efficiency and safety. And the full 3D-aware Face ID has to admire Apple's accomplishments. All of the above mentioned accessories, we completely use the original Apple accessories, no modification, so that we can guarantee the quality of our refurbished mobile phones.

refurbished iPhone X ear microphone

refurbished iPhone X start up

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