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Refurbished iPhone X Grade A In Bulk
- Nov 23, 2018 -

The most important update of the new iPhone this year is the A11 biochip inside the phone. As the most powerful and intelligent chip on the iPhone to date, its internal four low-power core speeds have increased by 70% compared to the previous generation, and the two high-performance cores have increased by 25% compared to the previous generation. Of course, the performance improvement is not enough to explain its strong strength. Thanks to the intelligent management of the A11 biomimetic chip, the life of the refurbished iPhone X can be extended by two hours compared to the top sellers of refurbished iPhone 7. At the same time, the A11 biomimetic chip has a neural network engine with a computing speed of up to 600 billion times per second. It can easily be used for machine learning tasks and provides powerful power for black technology such as face unlocking and “moving expressions".

refurbished iPhone for EU market

Some people may have doubts, refurbished iPhone X uses a full screen, by the way,there are 2 different type of LCD screen,original apple LCD or OEM CHINA LCD.then how to implement the original Home button function? Don't worry, Apple solved this problem in the latest iOS 11 system. At the bottom of the iPhone X, we can see a "horizontal bar". With this "horizontal bar", you can complete the common switching application and other interactions with a simple slide-up operation. In addition, Apple has added more features to the power button, and now press and hold the iPhone X's power button to call out Siri.

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