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Refurbished iPhone X OLED And Screen
- Sep 18, 2018 -

Samsung is the sole supplier of OLED screens used by the iPhone X, because the Korean company is the only vendor with the technical capabilities to meet Apple's specifications and quality, but it all seems to have happened on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. change.

According to reports, LG has been officially recognized as Apple's second-tier supplier of flexible OLED screens, which will be used for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Recently, it was reported that LG's sixth-generation flexible OLED panel has passed a series of quality tests by Apple. In addition, the company is preparing to begin mass production of OLED panels in two production lines at its E6 plant. The refurbished iPhone will also use the original OLED.

 second hand iphone.jpg

Apple usually prefers to hand over its component orders to at least two suppliers to improve the reliability of its supply chain and to obtain more favorable conditions in negotiations with suppliers. For Apple, the ideal situation is that Samsung and LG each produce half of the OLED panels, so Apple even invested 2.7 billion dollars in LG to build a production line for the iPhone. According to reports, LG has been working hard to achieve The capacity that Apple wants. The refurbished mobile phone industry usually uses the original iPhone OLED or the OLED produced by Chinese domestic manufacturers. The iusedphone recommends that you purchase original refurbished OLEDs or refurbished LCDs.


Today's report pointed out that after the LG production line entered formal production, the initial OLED panel production will be between 2 million and 5 million.

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